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Caribou Cemeteries

  Newest Book Completed - Sacred Heart Cemetery, North Caribou, Maine


   Sacred Heart Cemetery is located on Van Buren Road going north out of Caribou toward Connor, Me.  The cemetery has some old stone, and the unique thing about these stones is they are carved in French.  That made it hard for me to complete the cemetery as I don't speak or understand the language, but with a lot of help from my proof reader, the project became a success.  There were 772 stones, and most had writing front and back, but due to the length the book ran I was only able to use the front of most of the stones.  I had to change the original plot map, because of the way the stones faced in some area, I added a new section which I took out of Section B and C.  The index holds 1120 people, with all females listed under their spouse's name with there single surname included.  On most of the stones if they were for a female, and if she was married her husband's name was added and that is what the plot plan lists, no her maiden name, as the French used on the stones.  Hope that isn't confusing.
The cost of the book is $75.00 and shipping is Medium box or padded envelope depending on location, $8 or $12.65.

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  Green Ridge Cemetery
The Green Ridge Cemetery is located on green Ridge Road, the Caribou side.  All the stones are imaged except for single name stones with no dates on them, After each stone listing is a short census history for persons listed on the stones.  I have gathered as many obituaries as I came across and they are also in the book with an all name index which lists where the family plot is located and if there is an obituary its page is listed also.  The book is 108 pages and the price is $$60.00 plus $5.80 for shipping.

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