County Cemetery and Genealogical Books
The "Aroostook Republican and News" of Caribou, Maine                      

  The "Aroostook Republican and News" for years 1990, 1989 and 1988.  This is an image of page 32 from the book for 1989.  All three books follow the same pattern.
    These books contain information found in all the obituaries that were published in the "Aroostook Republican and News" for those specific years.   I will explain the columns line by line across.  The first line headings only appear at the top of each page, below the headings the information appears.  First column lists surname highlighted in Red so it will stand out.  Next appears the age - at the time of their death, then the persons name is listed. 
    Next his or her birth date and place, then their death date and the place they died. 
This is important because that is where you look for a death certificate not in the town where they are buried.  Next line is headings for the line below, father's name, mother's maiden name, spouse and 2nd spouse if there is one and marriage date if that is listed in the article.  The next line's heading is children, deceased children, siblings and deceased siblings, all these persons are listed first names only, because the "Hippa Law" concerning privacy could apply here.   Original obituaries can be acquired through the Caribou Maine Library, they have them in loose leaf notebooks, by year, through their reference department or you can ask to see the books at the front desk.  You may also view them on microfilm.

    The book "The Aroostook Republican for the year 1990" is 59 Pages, soft cover, spiral bound, with ten pages, two column index.  The price for this book is $25.00 and $5.60 for shipping and handling -envelope.

    The Book "The Aroostook Republican for the year 1989" is 39 pages, soft cover; spiral bound, with a four page, three column index.  The price for this book is $25.00 plus $5.60 for shipping and handling - envelope

    The book "The Aroostook Republican for the year 1988" is 43 pages, soft cover, spiral bound, with six pages - three column index.  The price for this book is $25.00 plus $5.60 for shipping and handling - envelope


    Single book order if would like all three contact through website for better price on shipping.

  Green Ridge Cemetery
The Green Ridge Cemetery is located on green Ridge Road, the Caribou side.  All the stones are imaged except for single name stones with no dates on them, After each stone listing is a short census history for persons listed on the stones.  I have gathered as many obituaries as I came across and they are also in the book with an all name index which lists where the family plot is located and if there is an obituary its page is listed also.  The book is 108 pages and the price is $$60.00 plus $5.80 for shipping.

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